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RMUTL Helding Blood Donation Activity
Friday 5 March 2017 / Activity News

On the 23rd , February 2017 RMUTL, helding Blood doantion activity by cooperating  Nursing and Health Service  Student Development Division with 10th Red Cross Blood Donation, Chiang Mai was set up the event “ Blood Donation to Help peo... >> Read more

EIC open new visions, Producing new generation translator
Friday 5 March 2017 / Activity News

 In Feb. 22nd  2017, RMUTL(Chiang Mai). Asst.Prof. Somporn Varnado a former English lectured, CMU giving and honor to be a guest speaker for the Seminar of the 3rd  students majorin... >> Read more

Announcement of recruitment and election of members of faculty members and government officials
Wednesday 3 March 2017 / PR News Staff News

               Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Announcement of recruitment of faculty members and civil servants to be elected as members of faculty and government officials. Qualifications of the applicant must be a faculty member or a civil servant and not an executive officer. Those who are interested in applying for election as Commissioners and civil servants can submit their application or offer their names by March 7-17, 2017, from 08:30am. to 16:30am. on the official day and time. >> Read more

Asst.Prof. Duangporn Aonwhan organized a training program for the development of community tourism network.
Tuesday 2 February 2017 / Activity News

           Asst. Prof. Duangporn  Aonwhan.Head of Data Center for Community Research and Development Faculty of Business and Liberal Arts Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Together with Chiang Mai Tourism and Sports Office Community-based tourism and community-based tourism network in Chiang Mai Organize workshop "Chiang Mai Tourism Networking Capacity Development Project To take the opportunity to enter the ASEAN community. (Tourism by the Community). "The fiscal year 2560 by Mr. Suthon Wichairat... >> Read more

Civil engineering researchers join study approach to development of housing construction of the national housing authority.
Wednesday 3 February 2017 / Activity News

On January 31, 2560 Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil and EnvironmentalThe Faculty of engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna ( RMUTL ) in cooperation with the national housing authority.Conference Seminar on research and knowledge about "The study of the system construction of precast suitable for residents with low to moderate income" by Dr. Fongchan Chirasit The head of the project, which was honored by Mr. Somchet Papanbandit Vice President project development (2) national... >> Read more

RMUTL won the consolation contest themed perform better in RMUTKM + 2.
Friday 5 February 2017 / Activity News Awards

Rajamangala University of technology Lanna. Join the Conference knowledge management networks, Rajamangala University of technology 9 branch in cooperation with the institute of physical education and the National Institute of the 10th. (Knowledge Management to Learning Organization : Km to Lo) During the January 30 – February 2 2560 at a-one the Royal cruise hotel Pattaya, Chonburi province. which RMUTT the ceremony was held at the closing ceremony, there are awards ceremony for submitters... >> Read more

RMUTL 1st ISHPMNB 2017 The 1st International Symposium on Application of High-voltage, Plasmas & Micro/Nano Bubbles to Agriculture and Aquaculture
Monday 1 November 2016 / PR News

The 1st International Symposium on Application of High-voltage, Plasmas & Micro/Nano Bubbles to Agriculture and Aquaculture, ( >> Read more

RMUTL students was the champion of TPA Robo's Rapid Fire and received a trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
Thursday 4 July 2016 / Activity News Awards

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Numyoot Songthanapitak, the president of RMUTL congrated to Explosion 1 team from Mechanical Engineer’s students, Faculty of Engineering, RMUTL because they won the award of TPA Robo’s Rapid Fire Competition 2016 and received a trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. This competition was held by Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) on 11th - 12th June, 2016 at Mcc Hall the Mall Bang Kapi, Bangkok.  The members of Explosion 1 team were from third-year... >> Read more

RMUTL and ECTI institute have been organizing ECTI –CON 2016
Thursday 4 June 2016 / Activity News

RMUTL was an organizer of 13th International Conference Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Info... >> Read more

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